Womens Wholesale Clothing

Womens Wholesale Clothing

Catwalk Wholesale are proud owners of a large number of varying, beautiful designer dresses, tracksuits, loungewear and more. These looks will make anyone stand out in any crowd. They will amaze passersby and fit appropriately, no matter the season.

Our womens wholesale clothing is available across a number of named brands, all are of a high quality, utilising beautiful designs, exceptional material and unparalleled amounts of style as to ensure that whomever buys them is pleased with their purchase.

We have a number of recognised names, only adding to the sale values of these pieces, whether you’re looking for the wonderful Kerry Pearl bolted wrap dress, available in a number of colours. Or the fantastic Kathy Sudette wrap batwing dress, to keep you and those you sell to, completely eye-catching.

Our Swift Returns and Delivery Policies

We understand that you want clothing that works with you, no matter what it is you’re ordering, we have a number of delivery options to keep things flexible for you. Not just do we do things to a prompt time schedule, but we will make it our responsibility that the clothing is handed to you in the quality that was promised.

To find out more about what it is we offer, simply give us a call on: Alternatively, get in contact on our website by filling out the provided form and we’ll get back in touch as soon as we can.